Matt Sussman: May 2009 Archives

royal_m.jpg"So, Rob," I said to him back in February, "can I live blog a game for you this season?" 

He simply replied, "What in Joba's name are you doing in my foyer?" 

The steps that led to this day, you see, were already written in the stars. The AL Middle leaders Kansas City Royals and the AL Waytheheckoutthere leaders Seattle Mariners shall do friendly battle today in is most certainly a preview of the ALCS in Buddy Bell's Strat-O-Matic league. But the real ALCS? Oh, you can dream! 

Your pitchers for today are Brian "Staircase Protector" Bannister, and Jarrod "Court Jester" Washburn. The winner gets a baseball victory. The loser gets their fanbase to be slightly disgruntled for 24 hours. 

Postscript: Many moons later, Rob would name that room in his condo "The Jamie Foyer."