Sooze: April 2009 Archives

MrMet-768288_223183726_std.gifHey WoWers! Man, I missed you guys. It's been six months since I last liveglogged for you, which was during last year's World Series I do believe. I can't remember what I did yesterday though, so don't quote me on that one.

Today's game features New York Mets' ace Johan Santana, who I'm still just a little bit salty towards after he totally abandoned my Twins for the big bucks, facing Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins, who were super awesome to start the season (11-1) and then went on a 7-game losing streak of suckiness, hurling me from their bandwagon like a limp shrimp. They did, however, beat the Mets 7-4 yesterday.

Game time: T-minus right now. Yay!