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wtf.jpgWhats up homies. I get the opportunity to liveglog the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dogers this evening, who will face eachother in Game 2 of their NL Division Series.

Let me start off by alerting you to a few hazarous shortcomings I'm dealing with, aside from the obvious. My dog leaped on top of my computer this morning an broke the letter D off. I put it back on, but now I have to push on it really hard to get it to work. Also, I have a limited number of refreshments. But baseball, so yay!

T-minus whenever the hell this other game is over to liveglog goodness.

Your starting pitchers for this evening's playoff game are Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers, who owns a 2.79 ERA with a nice round 8-8 record, against Adam Wainwright for the Cards. Wainwright is making his very first postseason start tonight, after ending the regular season with an impressive 19-8 record and 2.63 ERA.

Oktoberfest Party (Girl) #8

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Oh my gosh you guys.

click to see the joegasm in full forceThe Twins have completed their improbable run to the postseason, just a few weeks after sitting seven games behind the AL Central-leading Detroit Tigers... not to mention being three games back with just four left to play. Yeah, that was historically bad ass.

HOW did this happen. If I was forced to give you just two words to explain, I'd say Michael Cuddyer. (You know, the cannon-armed right fielder who hit 32 home runs this season and replaced Justin Morneau at first base when the Canadian Crusher went down with a season-ending back injury? Cuddles is the shit.) But since Rob said I could type all I wanted on my favorite team in the whole wide world, I'll add the names Denard Span, Delmon Young, Orlando Cabrera, Jason Kubel and yes, 3-time AL Batting Champion, Joseph Patrick Man Muscles Mauer to the list.

Actually, the entire team has been a big part of this run. Top to bottom, from Span to Nick Punto, production has been their middle name. Slap singles, base-clearing doubles, bunting and running really, really fast, and suddenly, the addition of the old-fashioned home run rounds out their repertoire.

And that's just the offense.

Here is my impression of the casual Twins fan, complete with Frances McDormand voice-over, when it comes to the pitching situation: "Who are these yahoos on the mound? Brian Duensing? Never heard of him. Jeff Manship? That sure is a neat name. Bobby Keppel? Isn't he the toupee-wearing newscaster who wears too much makeup? Yah, that's him."

They went from having one of the best rotations in the division - Kevin Slowey, Francisco Liriano, and Glen Perkins among them - to a who-the-heck-are-these-pitchers kind of staff by August, and it's worked out well. Nick Blackburn and Scott Baker are still hanging around while Carl Pavano has made for a snappy addition to the Manship/Duensing new guy combo.

Duensing, the rookie left-hander who's made only 9 starts in a big league uniform, will take the hill vs. big, fat, terrifying CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees tonight. As long as he doesn't get eaten, he should be okay. I have a feeling both teams will let the longballs do the talking, so Duensing needs to be on his best pitching behavior, which he totally will be.

So... you guys aren't convinced yet, are you. You think they're exhausted from the one-game playoff against the Tigers and that there's no way they can carry this momentum into New York City. Think again! They have Metrodome Magic on their side. Magic that we haven't seen since the days of Kent Hrbek, Dan Gladden, Kirby Puckett, Greg Gagne, and Jack MotherEffin' Morris.

Don't count out the Minnesota Nice. They're on a roll baseball rarely gets to see, and the only thing that can stop them is themselves... and a better team, which hopefully doesn't exist. Go Twins!