Classic TV Friday: April 2008 Archives

Because Commenter Participation Friday is also Classic Television Friday, I bring you this clip from the halcyon days of 1991. Watch Atlanta Brave Otis Nixon take umbrage at Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Wally Ritchie's inside pitches:

Wally Ritchie was suspended just one game while Nixon got four games off to go buy some crack. Commenters, participate! What feud do you think has been brewing long enough that will cause a future brawl in baseball?

This week's Classic TV spot is apparently from a show called "Hot Dog." It's 5 minutes of pure 1970 and I'm sure will be 100% cooler when you're stoned. We start off with Jonathan Winters doing a pantomime as a Reds pitcher giving up a home run (makes sense to me). This is followed by 2 and half funky minutes of what sounds like Big Brother & The Holding Company soundtracking the making of a baseball glove, featuring a cameo by Woody Allen.

I wasn't made for these times.

Thanks for another great week, everybody. You did a great job in those comment boxes again, and it makes this whole thing a lot funnier. I'm going to try and fit in one post each on Saturday and Sunday, so stop by if you get the notion. Have a great weekend.

Today's old-timey video clip is from the beginning of the 1968 All-Star Game, held in Houston's Astrodome. The starting pitchers were Don Drysdale and Luis Tiant.

How cool does Sandy Koufax look in that clip? He's already out of baseball two years but he's there to talk up his former teammate Don Drysdale. That's a classy dude! Also, wasn't color TV invented by 1968?

As for the game, Willie Mays scored the game's only run in the bottom of the first inning. He singled off Tiant, advanced to second on a pick-off attempt gone awry, advanced to third on a wild pitch, and scored on a GIDP by Willie McCovey. This was perhaps the worst ASG ever in terms of offense; the American League had but 3 baserunners and struck out 11 times. Mays played the entire game, recorded zero putouts or assists, and collected just that one hit, and still won the MVP. You know why? BECAUSE HE IS THE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME.

Stick around this weekend for Saturday morning and Sunday morning wrapups of selected baseball games by the venerable Camp Tiger Claw