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Today's classic TV post features this delightful filmstrip about the introduction of Little League baseball to the quiet village of Roslyn, New York. It's nearly fifteen minutes long but you get a good taste about the enthusiasm of an entire Long Island town about the sport of baseball.

Thanks to Ira Gallen of New York City, who is collecting a bunch of videos on YouTube for the baby boomer generation.

Just can't keep those mothers in the kitchen!

Mickey Mantle Switches To Natural Light- 1980

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I don't even know where to start with today's Classic TV post. The Mick's acting? The acting of the other people? The pinball game? The fact that Natural Light once bragged about THE TASTE OF THEIR BEER? Leave that to High Life.

The commercial is also a little sad knowing how things turned out towards the end for the guy. But oh, well. Today we laugh with him. This weekend when you open a cold one, toast it to the sky then pour a little out for Mickey, will ya?

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. It feels like we've been doing this for quite awhile but we're just now getting to the meaty part of the season. Thanks for coming back every day. Even you, BC Twins Fan. It's a treat.

Like most of our brethren we're taking the whole three days off, so enjoy some baseball the old fashioned way. Without a computer. Have fun, be (kinda) safe and we'll see y'all on Tuesday.

Today's classic television post is a montage of the greatest work by one of the best baseball clowns in history. The San Diego Chicken was the first costumed mascot in baseball and we, as a society, are enriched by his antics.

Please stick around for the weekend as Camp Tiger Claw will be keeping us abreast of interleague action twice: once on Saturday and once again on Sunday.

In what has become a great Friday afternoon tradition at Walkoff Walk, I bring you this bit of classic television featuring Johnny Carson interviewing Bob Uecker. Let us pause for a moment and ponder exactly how Mr. Uecker, who played for just six seasons and batted .200, was ever considered a major television star. (Insert introspective pause here). Okay, well believe it or not, Bob Uecker spent five seasons playing the wacky dad in the TV show Mr. Belvedere, which was a mockumentary about a Polish vodka entrepreneur. He also made 64 (!) guest appearances on The Tonight Show, more than Joan Embery and Charles Nelson Reilly combined. Please to enjoy:

(via the Classic Television Showbiz blog)

Today's Classic TV Friday post brings us back to the halcyon days of an innocent America. A PSA didn't contain horrifying pictures of strung out meth heads or teen prostitutes, but instead urged our nation's youngsters not to mess with stray blasting caps. Hey kids, see this thing that looks like a bomb? Well it is a fucking bomb and here's Willie Mays to tell you about it:

Baseball Bugs- 1946

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Today's Classic TV Friday post is one of my all time favorites. I'm sure you've all seen it but it may have been awhile. Bugs Bunny takes over for the Teetotalers, a wimpy team full of old guys that are getting their asses handed to them by the Gashouse Gorillas. Hilarity ensues and Bugs takes the day. This oughta put you in some good spirits for the Friday homestretch.