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Telly's Baseball Card Collection Featuring Ron Darling

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I have no idea what year this is from, but today's Friday Classic TV post is from Sesame Street. Telly the indescript maroon Muppet is going through his baseball card collection when Ron Darling shows up. Yup, that about sums it up.

Comic geniuses Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz along with guest host Corbin Bernsen and total comic hack Kevin Nealon bring us a delightful parody from Saturday Night Live. They're taking on the syndicated sports talker George Michael's Sports Machine as if it were hosted by pedant George Will. Yes, I just explained a comedy sketch. Sorry. Here:

Note: New Jersey's own The Smithereens were the musical guest on that episode.

Babe Ruth, "Home Run On The Keys"- 1937

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This is unquestionably my favorite Classic Tv Friday yet. In this short film we get to see The Babe flex his acting muscles and frankly, he's not half bad. Unfortunately the film is so goddamned strange it's no wonder I had never seen it.

To sum up the plot, Babe is on a hunting trip with some buddies. He comes back to the lodge smoking a pipe. It obviously contains peyote because he goes on a vision quest where he relives past glories that appear in the fireplace. His buddy then plays piano.

Quick cut to a radio studio with three androgynous Hawaiian children singing before Babe comes in and does... something. I'm still confused.


Richie Ashburn Gets A Rubdown- 1950

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Don't even pretend like you're not turned on. And shave that stubble off your face you bum. It's the Classic TV Post and you look like hell.