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Beer Lovin' Rookie Ump- 1982

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Today's classic TV post is definitely from one of my favorite genres: the classic beer commercial. Feel your spirits lifted as rookie ump gets the call to the big leagues, listen to your heart soar as he calls his wife from a desert payphone with the good news, try to keep your heart from racing during the intense game sequences, and don't hurt your jaw when it drops after the surprise ending!

But most of all don't laugh to hard at the cheesy music or your boss will get mad. Enjoy!

Come See What's Brewin'- 197?

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Today's classic TV Friday isn't as lolarious as the past few have been, but it sure is catchy. Let's groove along to this classic Brewers promo sung by what I imagine the Starlight Vocal Band would sound like if they got high sometimes. It's swingin, it's fun, it's GOT UECKER. Just don't spill any High Life on your dancing shoes.

For the complete lyrics, check out this dude's myspace blog. Very helpful.

Disco Demolition Night - 1979

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Now this is something I'm glad I watched. I'd always been aware of the fabled Disco Demo night at Comiskey. But I'd always seen it in 5 second clips during documentaries or I Love The 70s or something. I'd never really realized the extent of the chaos. This video has some candid footage of what was basically an on field riot. It's got an interview with the promoter. And it's got some vintage Greg Gumbel. You couldn't ask for more more. Enjoy your Classic TV Friday!

Will Clark Screams Like Maniac- 1987

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I know a couple weeks ago I said that the wall collapsing and Joe Torre going bonkers was my favorite Classic TV Friday, but I need to amend that. Today's is my new favorite. Disregard the last 4 seconds of an episode of Home Run Derby that start the clip. Then buckle your seat belts for Will Clark's joyous exultation at winning the 1987 NL West title.

I can't decide my favorite part. It's either

0:11: "Huuh? No waaaay!"
0:28: "WOOO! I love champagne! Lemme get rid of this gum! Woo!

Either way, that is one happy redneck. Overmodulating, indeed.

Bert Blyleven For Century 21- 1985

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Classic TV Friday: Bert Blyleven wants you to remember Century 21 when you're buying or selling your next home. I want the rest of the cast to take acting lessons.