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Babe Ruth In "Fancy Curves" - 1932

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Today's Classic TV Friday brings you some sexy Babe on Babes on action. Not really, but it is a movie about an all girls team that needs help preparing for the big game, so natch, they hire Babe Ruth to coach them.

I think it's actually pretty great to see such an egalitarian attitude afforded to women back in that era. Also the pitcher at 2:40 is a stone cold fox. Rawr.

JFK Throws Out First Pitch - 1961

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How about a Classic TV Friday? And a timely one at that. Tuesday is inauguration day, and while there figure to be decidedly fewer eggs thrown this time around it should still be pretty interesting. Below is a clip of a newly minted President Kennedy throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Senators' first game of 1961. And the Senators lose! History, in both sports and politics, often repeats itself . Please to enjoy.