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Classic TV Friday: A Double Dose Of Steve Garvey

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Today's Classic TV Friday is more than entertainment. It's a class. Former Dodgers & Padres 1B Steve Garvey was a 10 time All-Star, NL MVP, and a World Series Champ. Guy could rake. But after retirement a tell all book from ex-wife Cyndy pulled the lid off Garvey's womanizing ways and child fathering prowess. In the ensuing years those stories have come to define the Garv almost as much as the stellar years in the prime of his career.

Sure most ballplayers have a way with the ladies, but what really put Garvey over the top? Well to hear him tell it, it was Aqua Cologne!

How did that not become the best selling cologne of all time? Move over Spanish Fly, Papa's putting on the Aqua. That's the stuff that unleashed avalanches of Garvey Gravy all over SoCal.

Hell, it even worked so well that when a Chula Vista millionaire dude (a pandering ninny who is the complete opposite of the Garv) gave his wife a totally over the top birthday gift of a helicopter ride and a Padres game, she couldn't keep her hands off you know who. While the husband filmed it! Kinky!

Please to enjoy the romantic stylings of Steve Garvey, a true Slimeball HoFer.

Nolan Ryan On A Soap Opera - 1975

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Today's Classic TV Friday is from a show actually called "Ryan's Hope." A bunch of whiny kids are being led down some sort of corridor when Nolan Ryan appears out of an elevator in a tiny pair of red shorts. I think it's illegal to be that close to children in those pants now, but not in 1975.

Anyway, make sure to watch the whole thing as Nolan's Emmy moment doesn't come until the end. He's a regular Lawrence Olivier. Please to enjoy.

Mickey Mantle For Post Cereal Trading Cards - 1960s

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Today's Classic TV Friday brings us into the backyard of a verbally abusive child collecting his Post Cereal Trading Cards. When some cootie covered girl comes over to go swimming, he basically tells her to take a hike. Then when she starts hallucinating looking at a Mickey Mantle card, it's really time for this loopy dame to scram. This kid is my hero. Please to Enjoy.

Letterman week continues on WoW with today's Classic TV Friday. Here we find the convergence of two of my all time favorite people, Dave and Warren Zevon, joined by an adorable miniature horse in a baseball cap. The horse is only in the clip for about 10 seconds around the 2:40 mark but that's pretty much all the baseball I needed to justify posting this.

Please to enjoy this clip, and every sandwich.