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Joe Garagiola Hosts Baseball Fun & Games - 1970something

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Hey kids, I have a special Classic TV Friday for you... on Tuesday! Why Tuesday? Well because the afternoon game got rained out and I have to do my taxes. It's got Bloopers, and rambly stories and all kinds of stuff they play on the Jumbotron when there's a rainout. But from the 70s, so it's funnier.

Please to enjoy, this oughta hold you over for awhile.

Rock The Bronx - 1993

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Today's Classic TV could be summed up in one word: whatabunchofidiots. It starts off all sweet with Mel Allen doing his This Week In Baseball thing (sidenote: there may not be a single television show I miss more than TWIB) then unravels. Quickly. A band called Deficit fronted by "actor/rocker" Larry Romano rattles off a list of their favorite Yankees over a sub-Licensed To Ill shitriff.

"So here we are in 1993 the boys are back, baby. We've got Jimmy Key and Jimmy Abbott"

"Showalter at the helm, Boggs, Owen and Velarde around the horn."

No wonder they were so excited. What a team! You'll like this video but you'll be so much dumber for having watched it. Please to enjoy

Today's Classic TV Friday takes us back to 1993. The Blue Jays had just won their second consecutive World Series under manager Cito Gaston (wow, remember him!?), this time in dramatic fashion on a walkoff home run by Joe Carter. This particular clip finds an angry and mulleted Todd Stottlemyre long distance berating the mayor of Philadelphia. It looks more like a pro wrestling promo than it does a baseball victory parade. The ending features Rickey Henderson spurring the crowd into a spontaneous chant of "Whoomp, There It Is!"

Yeah, this is a pretty great video.