Classic TV Friday: June 2009 Archives

This week's classic television bit takes us back to 1977 and north of the border to Toronto, where it's always sunny with a chance of Skoal showers. From the Canadian Broadcasting Company archives on YouTube, here's Blue Jays pitching coach Bob Miller describing his hilarious methods of spitting tobacco juice on an umpire's feet without getting caught, also known in today's parlance as "being a total jackass":

Sick. Luckily for Bob, he died in a car accident well before the cancer could plague his gums and throat. Don't chew tobacco, kids, or you might roll your Camaro.

Bernie Carbo For Casey Chevrolet - 1986

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YouTube user Adpocalypse describes the following Classic TV Friday video thusly: "An ad from 1987 or 1988 about the 1975 world series, on youtube in 2008.. I was told there wouldn't be any math." That's pretty accurate but I think the commercial is from 1986 due to the mention of 1987 Chevys in stock.

In any case, it's not the year that makes this video special, it's Bernie Carbo turning in what is quite possibly the single worst acting performance I've ever seen from an athlete. Time has kind of obscured Carbo's home run in favor of the hammier and more picturesque Fisk Home Run from that same game. But trust me, once you watch this commercial you'll never overlook Ol' Bernie again. Please to enjoy.