Classic TV Friday: August 2009 Archives

From all the way back in 1944 comes this screwball cartoon "Batty Baseball" from legendary Warner Bros/MGM animator Tex Avery. Avery was well-known for creating the character Daffy Duck, who he modeled off one of his friends with a crystal meth addiction.

Although it uses some pretty cheesy sight gags and puns, "Batty Baseball" had enough prurience and violence to make it enjoyable and completely inappropriate for overprotective parents to show their kids nowadays. So I wholeheartedly approve.

(via Bronx Banter blog)

Southern California Chevy dealers sure knew how to sell cars back in 1978. SEX APPEAL! Steve Garvey was the classic stud: women wanted to be with him, and men wanted to punch him in the nose.

I can only imagine how many women Steve impregnated in the backseat of that swank Camaro.

Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio never met a coffee maker he didn't like. Obviously, because he did about 392 different commercials for Mr. Coffee including the one above in 1978. Did you know that Joltin' Joe was singlehandedly responsible for giving out those $5 rebate coupons and it was legally required that all pretty girls give him a smooch in gratitude for his charitable ways? Look at all those cackling hausfraus sucking down the java like it was the nectar of the baseball gods!

Other interesting fact: if you serve me from a Mr. Coffee machine, I will bash you over the head with the glass carafe.

Here's an ad for Tengen's RBI Baseball. I don't know if the company was sued for this ad, but it's clearly false advertising; I've played the ever-frustrating RBI Baseball, and it's nothing like this.

I really dig the cheesy synthesizer on the announcer's voice. It makes him almost impossible to hear! Maybe this is why Blades of Steel, Tecmo Bowl and its sequel were my NES sports games of choice.