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Omar Vizquel Is An Excellent Storyteller - 1995

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This week Classic TV Friday brings us back to 1995. Cleveland was apparently throwing a parade for the Indians losing the World Series. Any excuse to build a float, I guess. This gem of a story comes from excellent painter and maybe future HOFer Omar Vizquel. It chronicles one of his shopping adventures in Atlanta, and judging by the shirt he has on in the video, dude had a flair for flair back in the mid nineties.

Omar is a WoW favorite and this one is an instant classic. Please to enjoy.

Part of the Miller Lite All Star series of commercials from the late 1970s and early 1980s, this 60 second spot packs enough hilarity into a quick commercial to make me double over in laughter. Ha, it's a celebrity softball game between "Less Filling" and "Tastes Great". So clever.

Rodney Dangerfield's relief appearance for the "Less Filling" team foretells Eric Gagne's stint as a Red Sox. But really, it's pretty obvious the "Less Filling" team was juicing anyway. I won't spoil the surprise ending except to say that it doesn't involve Billy Martin behind the wheel of a truck on Christmas Day.

(as featured on The Sporting Blog way back when in July by Dan Steinberg)

Michael Jordan's Minor League Bus - 1995

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Not only is today the eighth anniversary of Bob Dylan's "Love & Theft" it's also the day that Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of my lifetime, gets inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame here in Massachusetts.

In honor of that honor, today's Classic TV Friday brings us an old ESPN feature about the luxury bus that MJ bought for the team to travel in when he was playing for the Birmingham Barons in 1994. The video is a real hoot and I'm not sure what dates it more: the players swooning over the mini TVs now featured prominently on every Fung Wah Bus, or Barons manager Terry Francona with hair.

Please to enjoy, and congrats Michael.

It's a long clip, but it's the day before a long weekend and you're not doing any work. So spend the next fifteen minutes listening to legendary Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell talk about his experience as a Marine during the World War II era and you'll appreciate one of the bravest men to ever grace the broadcast booth just that much more.

No, Ernie doesn't say anything about the Japs playing pepper.