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WWF Wrestlers Vs. Chicago Media All-Stars - 1994

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This week on Classic TV Friday we travel back to Chicago in the summer of 1994. If you'll remember, once August rolled around there wasn't a whole lot of baseball being played in this country. The player strike had taken effect and who would save the country from the dark abyss of a baseball free summer? Who always saves the country in their time of need? Professional wrestlers, of course.

Our video is a charity softball game between a bunch of wrestlers and the "Chicago Media All-Stars." It bugs me they didn't mention any names of the media guys in this post, but Gorilla Monsoon never struck me as a voracious reader. I was searching for Mariotti or that bozo Steve Rosenbloom, but my eyes aren't so good anymore. Plus, who could possibly avert their gaze from Macho Man's flowing shoulder tassles as he rounds first base? Please to enjoy.

The 1982 World Series featured the Brewers and the Cardinals, back before the two teams shared a division. But more importantly, the 1982 World Series feature awesome laser graphics and a neat disco-dancin' intro, before ABC decided to tone down the Studio 54 a bit in 1983 and play some real snoozy music. Zzzzz.

And hey, an advertisement for Colecovision and a young Dick Enberg. Oh my!

BONUS UNEMBEDDABLE VIDEO: Babe Ruth plays the field, eight whole seconds worth, the only known footage of Ruth playing defense and accumulating a huge negative UZR.

With the 2016 Summer OIympic Games being awarded to sunny Rio de Janeiro and not our own Chicago, the chances that the world's greatest sport returns to the quadrennial quagmire is significantly lessened. Sorry, Cubs fans. There will be no equestrian events at Wrigley Field in the near future. But baseball once had a tough uphill climb to ever be part of the Olympics; it wasn't until 1992 that it was an official, medal-worthy sport and even had a few chances as an exhibition prior to that.

One of those years was 1956 when the Olympics were held in Melbourne, Australia. Below is a short highlight reel of the single exhibition game between a select group of Australian players and some American G.I.'s stationed in the Far East.

The Americans won 11-5 in a game that lasted six innings. According to Olympic baseball historian Pete Cava, the crowd started small but reached 114,000 fans strong by the end of the game. This is believed to be the largest crowd to ever witness a baseball game, or about the same number of folks who attended Marlins games in Miami this year.