Classic TV Friday: December 2009 Archives

This week's Classic TV post features baseball legends Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams' introduction to the crowd and the both national anthems prior to the 1991 All Star game in Toronto. The duo make a grand entrance to the polite applause of 50 000 Canadians trying to determine which one is Maurice Richard and which one is Bobby Hull.

Bask in the glory of early 90s Canadian fashion, Jean Valjean performing the Star Spangled Banner in front of former President George H.W. Bush and his lantern jawed Canadian counterpart Brian "The Jet" Mulroney. Witness Canadian one-hit wonder Alannah Myles belting out O Canada while a still-cool Skydome struggles to encompass her hair.

The 1991 All Star roster features such luminaries as Danny Tartabull (pre-Seinfeld fame), Ivan Calderon (pre-disturbing gangland assassination), Bryan Harvey (pre-me forgetting who he was), and Wade Boggs (likely post-enough beer to fell a moose).

Canadian Cokes for Dave at Go Jays Go. He's got links to 5 more '91 All Star videos, including Tony LaRussa being booed by the Toronto fans and a neat interview with Williams and DiMaggio .

Here's Toronto Blue Jays star second baseman Robbie Alomar gently demanding that we purchase all our fruit punch in the frozen concentrated form. Drew tells me that this commercial was legendary up in Canadia back in the day for Alomar's catchy tag line at the end. Please to enjoy.