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Cito Gaston Shills For Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on SNES - 1994

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Who else would be better in a commercial for Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, than Ol' Clarence? Well yeah, Ken Griffey Jr. would have been better but he was probably filming 300 other commercials this day with his hat on backwards. So enter Clarence, still in his back to back World Series Championship heyday. Had he yet morphed into the doddering old father figure that riles Blue Jay fans more and more with each passing second? I DON'T THINK SO.

My favorite part is when they say "could this game get any more REAL" and then they show this hilariously cartoonish clip from the game where the ball swells to the size of a balloon to illustrate a pop fly. Simpler times and naked nostalgia. That's Classic TV Friday for you. Please to enjoy.

Back in 1977, the average television screen was no bigger than Pete Rose's noggin (which, now that I think of it, was actually pretty big). Along came SegaVision with their 50-inch-screen and the home entertainment business was changed. Forever. Enter Steve Garvey, official SegaVision spokesperson:

Why did Sega choose the Dodgers first baseman to promote their enormous TV? Simple, Garvey needed a screen large enough to enjoy television in a room with all his offspring.

Whilst wading through the knee deep nostalgia of old commercials on YouTube this morning, I found myself torn between presenting one of the two videos. So I'm NOT GONNA choose. You're getting a double dose for your weekend. First up is Johnny Bench shilling for one of the grosser products I've ever seen. It's called Bubble Fudge and should have the tags "german" "scat" and "film." And his nephew is in it. Blech.

Our second commerical is a Spanish language one from the 80's for Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Now, I'm not 100% versed on Mexican culture so if someone could explain to me whether or not the Traditional Cereal Picnic is big down there I'd appreciate it. Here the table is set with a complete outdoor breakfast, the kids come running for some al fresco flakes when Fernando Valenzuela just manifests out of thin air and completely terrifies the little ninos. Look at their faces at 00:12. That's abject horror. Bueno!