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In the spirit of such famous baseball player/surrealist duos as Ted Williams and Rene Magritte, Frankie Frisch and Joan Miró, and Bob Gibson and Marcel Duchamp comes this ad for Braniff Airlines starring former Yankees pitcher Whitey Ford and famed Catalan artist Salvador Dalí. Because when you want to choose an airline, you want to take advice from a highly imaginative, bizarre and quirky character, and also Salvador Dalí.

I shuddered so much at Whitey's last line in this ad that I wished I had a pretzel to throw at him.

Joe DiMaggio's Dugout - 1950

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Well this Classic TV Friday had me enthralled for the full 13 minutes, even if I had to look at Phil Rizzuto for some of it. "Joe DiMaggio's Dugout" ran for one season on NBC in 1950. Joe quizzed kids on baseball and gave playing tips while the show made liberal use of the relatively new technology of slow motion. Don't let the long run time on the video turn you off. I can't think of a better way to ease back into the season than to watch stuff like this.

I'm a huge fan of Steve, the kid with the glasses all the way to the right. Go Steve. Go.