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Albert Belle: One Crazy Guy

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Today's Classic TV Friday is a violent one. Are you in anguish over your job/love life/the heatwave? Get some vicarious catharsis through Albert Belle as he beats up people all over the 90s.

The first video finds our permanently disgruntled hero straight laying out Brewers 2B Fernando Vina with a full barreled forearm shiver. The collision is definitely in the basepath, but one doubts that Belle would have hesitated to throw a clothesline or possibly a DDT had Vina been even a couple feet away. Boom.

Our second video is appropriately titled "Albert Belle vs. Royals." I like it because it contains the magically mellifluous phrase "lookin' for a piece of Pichardo," which sounds like something Anthony Bourdain would do on a tour of Mexico City. I also like it because Belle chases down a backpedaling Hippolito and literally runs him over before pounding Mike Macfarlane's head like he was trying to open a coconut.

I think we all feel better now, don't we? Thanks, Albert!

Frankly, I could care less about you Cleveland people. But for you diehard, lifelong residents and sports fans, this may actually brighten your hyperbolically lousy day. I've stumbled onto the motherload of clips from what appears to be some sort of DIY regional sports/comedy show that appeared on Sportsnetwork in Ohio. Tom Lyons & Tony Hall had a press pass and silly questions for players. They also spent a lot of time in the seats talking to the common man. That's how you get this first video which features BOTH Brook Jacoby and some casual racism from a Foot Locker employee at 1:05.

It's like a cross between This Week And Baseball and MST3K and it's pretty great. There are a ton of these and I'll post more after the jump for you to peruse and learn about Cory Snyder's favorite foods. ENJOY.

Well, here's a cool one. I started off by searching for Vin Scully because I love him and want him to be an extra Grandpa. Little did I know I also wanted to see Bo Jackson be totally awesome. After we see a clip of Bo covering 2 miles to make a catch in center he drives a Rick Reuschel meatball to the deepest part of Anaheim Stadium. Yes, the Rick Reuschel finished 8th in the Cy voting that year.

And the whole thing is (kinda) narrated by newly minted ex-Prez, Ronald Reagan. Classic TV Friday: It's a time machine, baby.