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NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE! The Yankees have defeated the Red Sox on a WALKOFF WALK and I get a chance to post the video we've been waiting MONTHS to revisit. Ladies and gentlefolks, I give you SHRIMP ON TREADMILL.

Juan Miranda drew the walkoff walk off Sox reliever Hideki Okajima, and I don't care if Jon Miller deemed this game's ending a let down. YOU'RE A LETDOWN YOU FAT BALD HOKEY HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCER.

Rickie Weeks is a patient fellow! Kid walked THRICE today including the game-winning bases-loaded walk in the tenth inning that helped the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Houston Astros by the score of 4-3. With a full count and two outs and following pinch-hitter Randy Wolf (thanks to a depleted Brewers bench), Weeks drew ball four from a beleaguered Matt Lindstrom who had already blew the save in the ninth.

Just like that, we've got ourselves yet ANOTHER shrimp sighting in the 2010 season. Keep 'em coming, relief pitchers with control issues!

This one's for all the oil-covered shrimp down there in the Gulf.

Break out the shrimp video, people: the Tigers have beaten Boston on Ramon Santiago's walkoff walk issued by Red Sock reliever Ramon Ramirez. Talk about a Ramon Party! Heck, it's the Ramoniest walkoff walk in baseball history! Enjoy the video:

Discount the Nationals bullpen as horrible and ineffective if you will, but this is a team on the move. But growth doesn't come without a price, and tonight the price is SHRIMP.

Brian Bruney walked two in the home half of the tenth inning in frozen Chicago, with the important free passes issued to a betoqued Aramis Ramirez with the bases loaded. 2010 is now, officially, under way. What you came for:

It should be noted that scoring this video with the "Go Cubs Go" theme would send me such on a seafood eating frenzy, your rabbi might faint.

You can't keep a good shrimp down. After a 2 month lay off, we have our second walkoff walk of the week. The glorious Padres grind out a single, a sacrifice, one intentional and two no-way-did-I-just-issue-free-passes-to-Padres old fashioned walks and keep the wildcard race alive for another day. In a cruel twist of fate, I wasn't awake to post it as it happened. Here's your hangover cure.

The NL West: Where Men are Men and Shrimp is Plentiful!

It's a good thing Drew Fairservice is a vampire and stays up late because without his nocturnal ways, we'd have had quite a gap in reporting last night's shrimpworthy walkoff walk by Mark Reynolds. That marks the sixth walkoff walk on the season and the third that involved Joe Torre's Dodgers. Here's your list:

  • James Loney, April 16th: The Dodgers topple the Giants in a West Coast affair that, coincidentally, Drew was liveglogging for The Score.

  • Russell Martin, May 1st: A second straight Dodgers walkoff walk as Martin checks his swing against reliever Duaner Sanchez and the Padres' tumble towards last place begins. The walkoff walk was the game's only run.

  • Shane Victorino, May 2nd: Just 18 hours later, Phillies center fielder Victorino watched Mets pitcher Sean Green's fastball soar by him outside the strike zone with the bases bloated. The Dodgers would have another chance later that night but Andre Ethier singled with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth.

  • Carlos Beltran, May 12th: The Mets would get their own walkoff walk ten days later when Beltran did it against the Braves, just three days after Drew wrote a sweet ode to Beltran.

  • Jake Fox, July 3rd: Finally, I got my chance to post the shrimp video because the Cubs did it...and they were playing an afternoon game. The Cubs topped the Brewers after Mike DeFelice intentionally walked Geo Soto to load the bases and issued the walkoff walk to Fox.

  • Mark Reynolds, September 9th: How can we explain a two-month gap between shrimp? Yesterday was 9/9/09 so of course, we'd expect nothing less than a walkoff walk from Mr. Three True Outcomes himself. That's three Dodgers games ending with a running crustacean this year which explains why I'm sleeping during most WoWs.

Of course, for each of these six fantastic events, there have been countless walkoff walks that didn't happen because some schmuck decided it was better to win a game on a sacrifice fly, or a line drive single, or a silly HBP. And don't even remind me of the time Paul Bako robbed an insane group of WoWies of the chance to get the shrimp video on the Jumbotron at Citizens Bank Park. I'm still not over that yet.

The Chicago Cubs just won on a walkoff walk over the Milwaukee Brewers! Jake Fox was the hero, drawing ball four after Geovany Soto was intentionally walked to load the bases. Mike DeFelice was the loser and allowed me to post this:

God Bless America and God Bless the Shrimp!

There is something special happening in Dodgerland. Down 4-1, the LA Dodgers came back, forced extra innings and loaded the bases in the 10th inning for Juan Pierre, he of the 5.8% career walk rate. Juan promptly watched 6 pitches--FOUR OF WHICH WERE BALLS--and the DODGERS WIN!!!! Their third walkoff walk of this young season. Get your bets in now, they're winning the damn World Series.

Here's what you came for:

Over 1 million views for the greatest video of all time. Happy Memorial Day peoples.

Year of the Oblique? No sir, this is the year of the SHRIMP! Shane Victorino watches ball four low and we're having shrimp two nights in a row. Get yours!

For the second time this season, the Los Angeles Dodgers win via Walkoff Walk!!! An incredibly well-pitched game ends in the worst possible way for Jake Peavy, but the best possible way for those of us that love shrimp! Silent J-ussel Martin doesn't bite on a high, hard fastball to end the ball game. 1-0 Dodgers.

Shake your delicious tail: