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May in Review

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Remember Opening Day? That was two months ago already! Just like you, the season isn't as young as it once was. Also, your rent is due. With the turning of each calendar page, Camp Tiger Claw and I will be discussing our picks for:

      - AL Pitcher Of The Month
      - NL Pitcher Of The Month
      - AL Position Player Of The Month
      - NL Position Player Of The Month
      - Biggest Surprise Of The Month

May was a crazy month! Who among us thought the Florida Marlins or the Tampa Bay Rays would be in first, or that the Tigers and Yankees would be in second-to-last place, or that Hillary Clinton would still be in the Democratic race? Not me!

There were a ton of great National League hitters this month and a few hitters in the American League who weren't all that shabby. As for pitchers, you'll be surprised about who we pick and who we nearly picked.

Okay, shut up Rob, let's get right to the picks.

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