This Tweet in Baseball: January 2010 Archives

With deference to the late, great Mel Allen and the good people at, we present the inaugural edition of This Tweet in Baseball, your weekly rundown of all our favorite players, managers, gadabouts, and cads around the Baseballtweetosphere:

Our favorite steroid truther brags about being in demand and misuses an apostrophe like it was a fly ball and the sentence was his head:

Former Seton Hall Pirate Jason Grilli is obviously having trouble accessing his favorite adult websites and needs some tech support, STAT:

Professional fashionista and bumbling brotard Nick Swisher engages his followers with deep, thoughtful questions:

Utility man Mark Teahen, however, objects to Nick's assumption:

Oft-opinionated relief pitcher C.J. Wilson took his entourage out for a fancy night on the town:

And what would a weekly rundown in the Twittersphere be without our old, old friend Tommy Lasorda recklessly dropping a famous dead guy's name:

Thoughts? Feedback? Any idears of other baseball folks we should be following on Twitter? Let us know.