Walkoff Walk Front Office

Walkoff Walk is a blog devoted to irreverent conversation about the game of baseball and the people associated with it. It aspires to little more than humor and occasional insight. We welcome all feedback, corrections, insults and tips at tips@walkoffwalk.com

The Authors:

Rob Iracane used to be the bane of sports blog readers everywhere as Comment Guru and Comment Ombudsman of Deadspin.com. He is a lifelong Yankees fan but sympathizes with small-market teams and will not let his undying love for Derek Jeter cloud his otherwise unbiased analysis.

Kris Liakos was formerly known by the alias Camp Tiger Claw. He loves the Boston Red Sox but hopes not to write too much about them. His all time favorite player is Dwight Evans. He is just getting the hang of Sabermetrics.

Contributing Editors:

Drew Fairservice writes about the Toronto Blue Jays at Ghostrunner on First, and contributes regularly to Walkoff Walk from across the 49th parallel. He cherrypicks stats to suit his agenda and picks on lazy people to fill the huge Halladay-shaped hole in his life.

Dan McQuade writes the popular Philadelphia Will Do blog and once renamed his girlfriend's cat "Cat Stairs".

310ToJoba edits the site that shares his moniker on the weekdays and was the steward of Walkoff Walk on the weekends. His real name is Justin, he has an unabashed mancrush on Tim Lincecum, and yes, despite the fact that he is in college, he is well aware of his baby face and extremely youthful appearance.


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