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Live from Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida, it's your final Grapefruit League Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog, featuring the Houston Astros hosting the Cleveland Indians. Earlier today, the Oakland A's defeated the Boston Red Sox 5-1 in Tokyo, Japan as oft-injured Rich Harden decided to not be injured today and pitched six solid innings to lead his team. Also, Emil Brown hit a home run.

But this afternoon, it's Roy Oswalt versus C.C. Sabathia, so you know these teams aren't effing around. It's the Astros' final spring game in Florida and the Indians' second to last, so let's send them off with a terribly prepared liveglog, after the ol' jump:


I am sorry to inform my liveglog readers that there will be no Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog today. There is only one afternoon game on XM and it's the Red Sox-Blue Jays at noon. I have a lunch date. Don't worry...once the regular season commences, EVERY single game will be broadcast on XM. I think part of the reason is that some of these games aren't even broadcast on traditional radio; XM just rebroadcasts their signal anyway, which is why we've been so luck to hear Dave Niehaus

In exchange for disappointing all four of you, I would like to offer you an opportunity to vote for which game I will liveglog on Wednesday April 2nd, the first regular season liveglog. Please choose from the following three games and vote in the comment section:

  1. Royals at Tigers, 1:05PM
  2. Brewers at Cubs, 2:20PM
  3. Red Sox at A's, 3:35PM

There are many Red Sox fans who read this blog. Don't stuff the ballot box!

UPDATE: I lied, I don't have a lunch date but the Red Sox aren't playing today because they're on strike. So either way, no liveglog. Sorry.

UPDATE: The A's have now voted to boycott the Japan trip as well. This Red Sox / Blue Jays game is pretty much not gonna happen, but that's not stopping the Sox announcers from chit chattin with us.

UPDATE: The Red Sox players are waiting in the clubhouse now; they will probably come out soon and sign autographs for the kids. After all, this is their last game in Florida for the spring.

UPDATE: I am liveglogging a non-game that I wasn't going to liveglog anyway.

UPDATE: The game is ON! First pitch at 1:10PM. Now I suppose I must liveglog this nonsense...

grapefruit.jpgSo we're jumping into a Red Sox-Twins game that has already gone four and a half innings. The Red Sox lead the Twins 6 to 3. Clay Buchholz started and pitched well through 3 innings for Boston, while Francisco Liriano started for the Twins and gave up a couple runs in a couple innings. Joe Mauer just hit a solo dinger for the Twins and has two hits on the game. Let's start the late liveglog! (after the jump...oops)


Yes, I am liveglogging two games today. No, don't get your hopes up because the liveglog will only last two hours. I'll be covering the tail end of the Red Sox v. Twins matchup at 3PM and the start of the White Sox v. Rockies matchup at 4PM. To ease up the workload, I'm going to have our intern Darren instant-messaging me some funny one-liners during the game.

Come back here at 3PM and I'll do my best to entertain you with hourlong slices of meaningless games!


According to Mariners' beat writer Kirby Arnold, today's matchup between the Angels and Mariners is no ordinary spring training game:

"After what (the Angels) did to the Mariners last year -- dominating the season series 13-6 and finishing six games ahead in the American League West standings -- it's no surprise the M's want to send an early message. (Mariners manager John) McLaren's lineup today will be filled with regulars -- only third baseman Adrian Beltre (death in the family) and designated hitter Jose Vidro (sore elbow) -- won't play. Among the Mariners' pitchers will be opening-day starter Erik Bedard, Brandon Morrow and closer J.J. Putz.

We'll be getting underway any minute now as soon as XM 176 stops playing commercials. Check it out after this irritatingly placed jump:


Tune back in here at 3PM as I will be liveglogging the Anaheim Angels - Seattle Mariners matchup, live from Peoria, Arizona. No, I am not actually in Peoria, or else I'd be dining on In-N-Out burgers right now with Evan Grant.

Yes, I am doing this again. No, I am not insane.