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It's intraleague madness here at Walkoff Walk as the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Look out, Bobby Cox! The Brewers are going for the sweep! Major League Baseball has blessed us with just one afternoon game today, so we're stuck with Jorge Campillo (who beat the Brewers last month) versus Jeff Suppan, he of the hefty 5.70 road ERA. Oh crap, if this is a Brewers road game, I won't be able to enjoy the dulcet tones of Mr. Bob Uecker.

Chipper Jones is out yet again so I won't be updating you on the .400 watch.

The great Tom Haudricourt has the lineups and analysis at his Brewers Blog but stay here for all your mildly snarky comments. After the jump, of course.


It's a businessperson's special today at Citizens Bank Park but Wednesdays are alway special for businesspeoples here at Walkoff Walk. That's right, I'll be liveglogging the Phillies-Red Sox rubber match today. Cole Hamels shut down Boston on Monday night but the Sox came back against Jamie Moyer last night behind the pitching prowess of Jon Lester.

Your matchup today is Kyle Kendrick against rookie Justin Masterson. Masterson has had five starts so far this season and has gone at least 6 innings in all five. He's 3-1 with a 2.90 ERA, but most impressively, has 27 K's in 31 innings pitched. Kendrick has picked up six wins this year but has only 31 K's against 24 walks in 75 innings pitched. He's benefited well from the strong Phillies lineup and the astoundingly good bullpen. Neither pitcher has faced the opposing team before, so this should prove to be an interesting day.

Manny Ramirez is out of the lineup today, so that's one less bat for Kendrick to worry about.

Check out the lineups then hop over that jump down there at 1PM and follow along:


Oh good, we'll be treated to a fine pitching matchup today as the Rays send Scott Kazmir to the hill to face John Lackey of the Angels. Both ace pitchers spent some time on the DL to start the season but have come out of their cocoons throwing pretty. Kazmir is 6-1 with a microscopic 1.40 ERA while John Lackey is 2-1 with 25 K's against just 6 walks.

The AL crème de la crème have split the first two games of the series, with the Rays romping all over Joe Saunders 13-4 on Monday and Jered Weaver shutting down the Rays offense 6-1 last night.

Let's keep it fair, gentlemen, and throw some strikes. The more batters who swing at your junk, the faster this game will move, and the more innings I can glog. Follow me after the jump:

christmas_story.jpgJake Westbrook's doctor slid his x-rays through a machine yesterday and a red light started flashing while a robot voice said "Arooogah. Tommy John Surgery. Aroogah." Dr. Lewis Yocum will be performing the surgery.

In other news Kevin Kennedy continues to be one of the most underrated morons on TV. When asked whether the Tigers would miss Jeremy Bonderman (also out) more than the Indians would miss Westbrook, I'm almost positive Kennedy said no because Westbrook is "dominant." The only reason I'm not 100% sure is because my brain cannot accept that someone who gets paid to watch and analyze baseball would say that.

Seeing stuff like that makes you miss the good guys even more. Rest in peace, Jim.