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Welcome, liveglog club members, to the fifth liveglog of the World Series as presented by Walkoff Walk! Follow along with me tonight as I attempt to make clever witticisms about the baseball game set to start in Philadelphia any minute now. The Tampa Bay Rays are looking to rebound from two straight road losses to the Philadelphia Phillies, who find themselves justthisclose to a friggin' championship. Because tonight has the opportunity for one team to clinch, prepare yourself for the possibility that this is the final liveglog of the 2008 season.

If some elements of this liveglog seem familiar to you, perhaps it's because Game Five's pitching matchup is the same as that of Game One. Therefore and henceforth, I have deemed it necessary to repeat the usage of the following pair of photographs that completely illustrates tonight's starters, Scott Kazmir of the Rays and Cole Hamels of the Phillies:


Both pitchers didn't go off message very much in Game One; Hamels continued to dominate while Kazmir continued to struggle, giving up too many walks and too many tater tots to be successful. Even worse for Kazmir, he'll need to pitch a shutout tonight to win if his Rays lineup continues to be mired in shittiness. From Fribble King David Pinto at Baseball Musings:

The strength of this lineup lies in their 1-4 hitters, and that quartet has not gotten on base in this series. Combined they collected seven hits and four walks in the first four games in 60 at bats for a .172 OBA.

Yikes! Those stats are enough to make anyone lose their hair. Let's hope for a good, close game that is completely unaffected by poor umpiring calls. Enough prelude, onto the glog...AFTER THE COMPULSORY JUMP

worldseriesliveglog.jpgWe have settled into our blogging spot for the evening, ready to serve you with mots both bon and apple-y. Instead of heading to The Library, we have ensconced ourselves kiddie-corner to the chain bar for Oktoberfestivus. Why did we pass on the Catholic school girl look across the street for the black shirts and faux class of Gordon's? Let's just say we never considered what Jon-Benet Ramsey would have grown up to be until we went to The Library. Your skirt height may vary.

Onto the game: we always supported Myers-Shields when it was in committee; we believe in the bill now. It's good for America; it's good for the children. (Wives, notsomuch.) Lineup shenanigans include More Rocco (which we approve of) and Designated Hitter Greg Hobbs (the baseball version of punting on third down).

See your sorry posteriors after the jump.


Welcome, readers and commenters to the first ever Walkoff Walk Wednesday Night Liveglog Club World Series Game! We've come a long way since we started liveglogging pre-season games back in March. Here's a link to the first ever glog which coincidentally featured the Phillies. This might be my last liveglog of the year, so I'm going to do my best to entertain you and actually finish the game. Hurry up and finish sewing those World Series patches onto your liveglog blazers, folks!

Tonight's World Series Game One features super lefty Scott Kazmir and his AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays against super lefty Cole Hamels and his NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Neither fella has much history against the other team's hitters, so let's ignore all that matchup bullshit tonight. Both pitchers will strike a lot of batters out. Both pitchers are at risk to give up taters. Both pitchers were drafted in the first round back in 2002. Neither pitcher has ever been in my kitchen. Therefore, I've convinced myself that Hamels and Kazmir are exactly the same person, just with different hairstyles. hamelskazmir.jpg

Some lineup surprises for you to peruse:



  1. Rollins, SS
  2. Werth, RF
  3. Utley, 2B
  4. Howard, 1B
  5. Burrell, LF
  6. Victorino, CF
  7. Feliz, 3B
  8. Coste, DH
  9. Ruiz, C
  1. Iwamura, 2b
  2. Upton, cf
  3. Pena, 1b
  4. Longoria, 3b
  5. Crawford, lf
  6. Aybar, dh
  7. Navarro, c
  8. Zobrist, rf
  9. Bartlett, ss

Yes, that's Ben Zobrist batting eighth and playing right field, not Gabe Gross and not Lloyd's boy toy Rocco Baldelli. What gives, Overmanagin' Joe Maddon? It's just Zobrist's second career start in right, but Maddon says the matchup with lefty Hamels is favorable. If Zobrist goes hitless and/or makes an error, you better expect some second guessing tomorrow morning.

Also note that Charlie Manuel has decided to keep Chase Utley and Ryan Howard glued together, side-by-side like conjoined left-handed hitting twins. He's also putting two catchers in the lineup, as righty Chris Coste has the most chances of hitting southpaw Kazmir of al the folks on the Philly bench. Who is Manuel's emergency catcher? I'm going with this person.

Enough analysis! Onto the glog! After the jump!

Indian test pattern

Well, hell, kids. We really wanted Sooze to entertain us tonight, but she had to smear camoflague paint on her face, don her best bandana, and go behind enemy lines to fix the "technical difficulties" faced by TBS which has left us with Steve Harvey's mugging face. Follow us after the jump for our best attempt to discern game action through smoke signals from the Citgo sign.

On March 5, 1770, five Americans fell to the heavy musket balls of the British outside the current location of the Old State House in Boston after a crowd of 300-400 angry Bostonians surrounded five British soldiers and taunted them with sticks, stones, and terribly harsh words.

On October 14, 2008, the Boston Red Sox fell to the moon shots of the Tampa Bay Rays 13-4 inside the current location of Old Fenway Park in Boston after a crowd of 38,133 angry Bostonians surrounded 25 Rays players and taunted them with... well, terribly harsh words, at least.

We see absolutely no reason to bring up both events. We apologize for any confusion caused by such scattershot correlations.

Le Massacre BostonLiveglog Nation, don't tread on us after the jump; your Game Five Rays-Red Sox liveglog will follow shortly.


Okay, gloggers. Every day of the playoffs brings new memories and more important games. You've got your Red Sox coming off a bad game that pushed them down 2-1 in their own joint and you've got your Rays riding high after winning back home-field advantage. You've got solid but unimpressive postseason vet Tim Wakefield going up against young bright-eyed Andy Sonnanstine. You've got an evening date with Rob Iracane on the Internet, and I've got a six pack of BLts waiting to help me render my opinions and reactions completely illegible.

Here are your lineups for the game:

Red Sox Rays
  1. Drew, RF
  2. Pedroia, 2B
  3. Ortiz, DH
  4. Youkilis, 3B
  5. Bay, LF
  6. Kotsay, 1B
  7. Crisp, CF
  8. Cash, C
  9. Lowrie, SS
  1. Iwamura, 2B
  2. Upton, CF
  3. Pena, 1B
  4. Longoria, 3B
  5. Crisp, LF
  6. Aybar, DH
  7. Navarro, C
  8. Perez, RF
  9. Bartlett, SS

Some notable moves tonight: Jacoby Ellsbury (0-for-20 streak) is out and J.D. Drew is in as the leadoff hitter. Coco Crisp will play centerfield tonight for the Red Sox. For the Rays, welcome rookie switch-hitter and New Jerseyite Fernando Perez to the starting lineup, making his first start since October 3rd against the ChiSox.

Enough prattle! Follow along with me after the jump:

Playoff Baseball Liveglog
Since baseball went to a schedule that has the Phils playing games exclusively against the Mets, Marlins, Braves and Nationals, I don't know anything about teams outside the National League East. My knowledge of the American League only slightly edges my knowledge of professional indoor soccer.

As such, the esteemed purveyors of Walkoff Walk have selected yours truly to guide you through Game 3 of the American League Championship Series, featuring the Baltimore Blast and the Harrisburg Heat. Okay, it's actually the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. Liveglogging after the jump.


Folks, I couldn't be more excited about tonight's playoff game. I could bore you with stats and matchups and predictions and whatnot, but we've had enough build-up all friggin' week long. It's Cole Hamels versus Derek Lowe at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and nobody has any idea who's gonna win. This mother's a tossup!

In case you do want an eloquently written preview of the pitching matchup, check out Jesse Spector's blog. If you want to follow along with the lineups and the game action, head over to for the live boxscore. If you want some delicious foie gras in Montreal, go to Au Pied de Cochon.

But if you want dry sports comedy, follow along with me after the jump for all the good smart talk and jibber-jabber:


The Angels' backs are against the wall again at chilly Fenway on this Monday night of dueling ALDS Game Fours. This one is aces high: Jon Lester and John Lackey are on the battlefront armed with curveballs and fastballs. The air may be cold and sharp with the smells of autumn but these two pitchers are about as hot as they could get. In Game One, two roads diverged in the woods and they chose to take the awesome path, combining to make just one mistake: a Jason Bay two-run dong that made all the difference.

With the Rays just finishing off the creaky White Sox on a Ken Griffey strikeout, this Game Four will help decide which team will point their private plane towards St. Petersburg for some indoor baseball this weekend.

Will tonight be the night Dustin Pedroia gets off his hitless schneid? Can David Ortiz conjure up some old October rocketsauce? Is Francisco Rodriguez totally winded? Will Vladimir Guerrero reach down and out of the strike zone to turn a ball into a tater tot? Follow along with me after the jump for the liveglog of the century.


Ailing ace Josh Beckett takes the mound at friendly Fenway with the possibility of advancing his Red Sox to the ALCS and sweeping a 100+ win Angel team outta the playoffs. Nothing is etched in bronze yet, still this series proves how unimportant regular season win totals are in the postseason. After all, both the Red Sox and Angels allowed just under 700 runs during the proscribed 162 contests yet the Boston boppers managed to outscore the apathetic Angels by nearly half a run per game. You had to see this one coming.

Anaheim counters with Joe Saunders, another one of their starters with a gaudy win-loss record and not much else. Dude just didn't strike out enough batters to make up for his mediocre walk rate and tater rate. What Joe Saunders has going for him are two appearances versus the Sox at Fenway in aught-eight where he won twice and allowed five runs in 12 innings. His biggest mistake was giving up a two-run dong to Coco Crisp in July, a game the Angels still won 9-2 in defeating Beckett.

Enough chatter. J.D. Drew sits tonight to rest his weary back in favor of the aforementioned Crisp. (mmmm....aforementioned crisps...) Mike Lowell is back at third base, and your playoff glog starts apr├Ęs le saut:


Day two of the playoffs begins with the first ever postseason game for the Tampa Bay Rays. Tampa baseball has endured decades and decades of waiting for this one special moment, and it's finally here! Rob Schneider must be thrilled! Seriously folks, let's all stand up and put our hands together for the franchise that pulled theyselves up by they bootstraps to vault from durst to first.

Your pitchers today are righties James Shields and Javy Vazquez. Bet Ozzie is super-thrilled that Big Game Javy came up in his rotation for today. Still, he's 1-2 with a 3.54 ERA against the Rays on the year. In one start against the ChiSox, Shields pitched six innings and allowed just one run (an Alexei Ramirez ding-dong) but didn't factor in the decision. Dude was 9-2 at home, though, with just a 2.59 ERA.

What does this all mean for today? Absolutely nothing. It's the playoffs, and anything can happen! Except for a commissioner-issued exclusion that lets the Yankees participate at the last minute. That's not happening.

This glog happens after the jump: