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Thursday Afternoon Press Box Semiglog Club: Astros vs. Braves

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Afternoon, kids. I'm coming to you LIVE! from the press box of Champion Stadium at Walt Disney World in Orlando. It's the Spring home of the Atlanta Braves and today they'll be taking on the Astros of Houston. I'm enjoying a complimentary Sprite. Your starting lineups and a recap of my morning thus far. After the jump.


It's a day of new beginnings in old places! The Cleveland Indians haven't had a taste of that dry desert heat since 1992. They are making their triumphant return to the Cactus League today, inaugurating their new ballpark in Goodyear, AZ with a tilt against their longtime desert rival, the San Francisco Giants. We here at the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club are making our 2009 debut in brand new club blazers but in the same old creaky blog you know and love.

Today's matchup features last year's NL Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum taking on the Indians' young hopeful Jeremy Sowers. Cleveland had a chance to make this game really interesting by putting AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee on the mound, but manager Eric Wedge wussed out. Doesn't really matter, I suppose, as both starters will be pitching for just one or two innings before giving way to such illustrious names as Keiichi Yabu and Tomo Ohka.

So let's get glogging for the first time in aught-nine, after the ol' jump: