Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: May 2009 Archives

zim.jpgHello again Walkoff Walkers! I've missed you tons. For those of you who are like me, you are tuning into this Washington Nationals game just to see if Ryan Zimmerman will extend his hitting streak to 31 games. Or maybe, you're a Giants fan ...are you a Nats fan? Maybe you like making fun of Barry Zito every chance you get. MAYBE! You are just bored out of your mind.

Whatever the case may be, welcome! This is going to be interesting to say the very least.

T-Minus 4 minutes til the first pitch!

2:45: Oh my good lord, it's Barry Zito's 31st birthday.

2:46: and Cristian Guzman gives him a lead-off single to left for a present.

2:47: Wow! Two gifts in a row, as Nick Johnson singles sharply to right field. Let's see if Zimmerman, who I've dubbed Senator Crushingham (still working out the kink on the whole nickname thing) can knock another one out.

2:50: Not exactly what I was looking for. Zimmerman grounds into a double play. Booo.