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sussglog.jpgThe AL Central: Because Midwesterners Embrace Mediocrity The Best. If there's anything else that the Midwest does well, it's rain. It rains a lot. PLEASE STOP RAINING, CLOUDS! I've actually never had to handle a rain delayed baseball game. Unless you count that one time. But at least that one started!

Whenever this beauty becomes active, it'll be Edwin "Bagels" Jackson vs. Gavin "Lox" Floyd.

The Tigers are itchin' to actually win a series against the White Sox, which I've only seen in pictures at the bottom of Loch Ness. Detroit currently a four-game lead over the Minnesota Fraternals. Meanwhile, the Bleached Footwear are six and a half games back of first place, nestled snugly in third place.

Thursday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Red Sox at Tigers

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1965 Chevy Malibu SS Convertible.jpg

Hey, kids. That there is a 1965 Chevy Malibu SS, one of the prettiest cars ol' GM ever made. Had some guts too. It's been a sad week up there in Detroit as the company's bankruptcy went official. With the Sox in town, and on the verge of a sweep, I figured having that at the top of the page every time you refresh will remind some of our Walkoff Walk Michiganders of better days.

As for me, I'm coming to you live from the White Horse Tavern in Allston. This isn't normally a place I frequent. Once the sun goes down it fills up with a bunch of BU steakheads that would probably be really into Ryan Braun's new clothing line. But for now it's fairly empty, the windows are open on a beautiful day, and the High Life is cold. Let's watch some baseball after the jump, aight?