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You have to feel for Jamie Moyer right now. Sure, he's playing baseball for millions of dollars, has 9 wins despite a 5.58 ERA (77 ERA+) and occasionally gets profiled by famous livegloggers. All week, though, he's heard himself compared to Tom Watson. Imagine having to read this joke about yourself in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Jamie Moyer is still going strong at 46, 9-6 after the All-Star break. Moyer is the only player in baseball who calls his team owner, "Kid."

My pitching skills would be shot if I had to read things like that about myself. Speaking of that: Hi, I'm Dan McQuade. People actually call me "D-Mac"; Jamie Moyer calls me "Kid." Today: Phillies-Cubbies. Fightins have won 10 straight. Cubs lost last night on a Jayson Werth walkoff homer and put Carlos Zambrano on the mound this afternoon. Apparently, Cubs fans who vote in online polls want him gone! Trade that kid straight-up for Jamie Moyer!

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It was a rough June for the New York Metropolitans, ending with a loss to the Brewers that featured a sequence where Fernando Martinez dropped a pop-fly, Johan Santana walked the pitcher on four pitches, and Ryan "Hebrew Hammer" Braun doubled in three runs and scampered home on an errant throw. It was all wrapped up with a closed-door meeting where manager Jerry Manuel reportedly berated the team for losing and not accepting authority figures who seek out sex changes.

But it doesn't have to be all sad news, thanks to the Germans and their wonderful concept of schadenfreude. Just check out the poorly-cloaked glee in Will Leitch's latest piece for Daily Intel!

The worst is that the Mets haven't even looked particularly competitive. They scored a total of just three runs in the Yankees series and embarrassed themselves last night in Milwaukee, committing two ugly errors, one by Johan Santana, who lost to a journeyman 31-year-old making his second career start. The Mets are now two games under .500 and have been passed by the Marlins for second place. And the Braves are only a game and a half behind them.

Oh Will, as much as you claim to hate the Yankees and as hard as you try to be nice to the Mets, you simply cannot hide your general distaste for the flops in Flushing. Just come out of the closet and join us Mets-haters in a perfectly happy world that values a Queens collapse, even at such an early date.

Today, the Mets will try to wrap up this little series at Miller Park with a win before heading out to Pittsburgh for the holiday weekend. The Brewers, with a little help from the Giants two straight wins in St. Lou, sit alone in first place in the NL Central and send their young ace Yovani Gallardo to the hill with orders to secure the sweep. Follow along here if you want real info. Follow along here (points to glog) if you want comically awful reporting.

Courtesy of Tony Witrado and GEICO, here are your lineups:

2B Craig Effin' CounsellSS Alex Cora
SS JJ Hardy2B Luis Castillo
LF Hebrew Hammer3B David Wright
1B VeggiedogsRF Ryan Church
RF Corey HartLF Nick Evans
3B Mat Gamel1B (haha) Daniel Murphy
C Jason KendallCF F-Mart
CF Jody GerutC Brian Schneider
RHP Yovani GallardoRHP Mike Pelfrey

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