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Contreras vs. Greinke. Get ready...


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My rule is: If there's a Phillies game on and I have nothing better to do, I might as well liveblog it for Walkoff Walk. Today, my liveblogging serves a dual purpose, as it not only wastes my time but also gets me off the hook for any other blog posts today.

I'm in luck, too: Today's game should be a pretty good matchup, as Aaron Cook (10-3, 3.88 ERA, 116 ERA+ for the fourth consecutive year) takes on Cliff Lee (8-9, 3.02 ERA, 149 ERA+ overall; 1-0, 1.00 ERA, 430 ERA+ with the Phillies). Plus, the great Paul Bako (.116 BA, 16 OPS+) is catching today for the Phillies.

I'm going to try to talk (er, write) baseball today and not just make fun of the announcers. We'll see how long this lasts. After the jump, as usual.

liveglog.jpgRob really wanted to do a vacation liveglog, there are only so Guido Beach quotes one can take. Instead we'll tackle Albert Pujols engineering the Schaudenfraude Express right into Citifield!

How about some lineups?

  1. J. Lugo ss
  2. M. DeRosa 3b
  3. A. Pujols 1b
  4. M. Holliday lf
  5. R. Ludwick rf
  6. R. Ankiel cf
  7. Y. Molina c
  8. J. Thurston 2b
  9. K. Lohse p
  1. A. Pagan cf
  2. A. Cora 2b
  3. D. Wright 3b
  4. G. Sheffield lf
  5. D. Murphy 1b
  6. J. Francoeur rf
  7. B. Schneider c
  8. A. Berroa ss
  9. J. Niese p

Thoughts on the lineups? The Cards hit the pitcher ninth today, how avant garde. The Mets let Jeff Francoeur continue to hit. How novel. Frenchy has knocked three tater tots in the last few weeks, though he's hitting a sad little .204 over that stretch.

Today's starters are mighty Kyle Lohse and young Jon Niese. What's going to happen? Find out after the jump!