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(Since tonight is both Game 3 of the 2009 World Series and the dreaded time change, Walkoff Walk has turned to the sole member of the liveglogging team that lives in a daylight savings-free zone to handle the game tonight. Therefore, Tuffy will be the one to bring FallBack.)

wsg3.jpg I'm bringing fall time back
Them other states just don't know how to act
You think you're saving, but you ain't got the knack
So turn out tonight and I'll pick up the slack.

Take 'em to the time change

You see Game Three now
Baby, I'm your host
I'll let you chime in if your rap's the most
It's just that wombats ain't got time for boasts

Wombat With Superman Tie Take 'em to the liveglog.

At this moment Rob is probably trying to figure out if it was a wise idea to get the "2 for $20" deal at Applebee's if one man consumes all the food. Yankee Stadium restrooms beware. With that pleasant image in your mind, join me for tonight's liveglog! Kindly do not tap on the glass of your resident Yankee fan's tank.

Okay, fine. I'm not doing anything so I figure I might as well do a liveglog. Sorry it's late.

Alex Rodriguez! John Lackey! Tim McCarver! Are you as pumped as I am for Game 5 of the American League Championship Series? Rob invited me to liveglog this event because "nobody else could," and I accepted because "my girlfriend is at the Leonard Cohen concert in Upper Darby."

I'm going to actually try to use the CoverItLive feature for the first time. Expect incredible failures on my part -- or maybe just more puppy photos that usual in the chat room. Join me after the jump sometime around 7:45 p.m. and we'll get started.

Update: We're live!

The first elimination game of the LCS season is upon us; pull your liveglog blazer right back out of the closet for this one. A Phillies win tonight will send Joe Torre and his Dodgers back to Los Angeles with their tails between their legs for the second straight year; a Dodgers win will put the Phillies on the same flight path. Who you got? Join us below:

I think this is my first shot at liveglogging a non-Phillies game this postseason. Yep, the Yankees are playing in their seventh game this postseason and this is the first time I'll be hosting the nighttime party post with them in action. What could possibly go wrong?

Join us below in the magic Cover It Live application:

truegrit.jpgTonight's subtext for Game 4 as the Phillies look to shove this series out of reach at home with Joe Blanton on the mound: which player has the most true grit?


Well, well, well! The TV is turned to Fox, and while I'm upset that Judge Joe Brown is over, I'm excited to bring you Game 3 of the ALCS right here on Walkoff Walk. The game's slated to begin at 4:13 p.m., or an extra-convenient 1:13 p.m. for those out in California.

While we're waiting to begin, maybe you should go read the playoff diary I've been doing for The Fightins. Or maybe you should get a drink or something, I dunno. Whatever you want!

Today's matchup is Andy Pettitte (for the Yankees) and Jered Weaver (for the Angels). Join me after the jump for the game.

Please join new weekend guy 3:10 to Joba as he leads the three-ring circus that is a Phillies liveglog. Be on your best behavior while Weekday Daddy heads out to Yankee Stadium, and no prodding the lone Dodgers fan in the comment section.

Forgive me, but it feels like we were just doing this. Yes, just under a year ago, the Phillies and Dodgers were playing NLCS Game One with Cole Hamels starting...just like tonight! But that game was at Citizens Bank Park and Derek Lowe was going for the Dodgers; oh my how things have changed. Also, it was the night Chief Wahoo spoiled an episode of Survivor, so screw him.

Follow along below, won't you?

Cliff Lee and Ubaldo Jimenez match wits in a "win or stay home" game for the Rockies. Imagine that, trying your hardest to win a game for the chance to get on a plane and fly to Philadelphia.

That reminds me of a pie-eating contest I once entered, where first prize was a free night in Cleveland. The runner-up won two free nights in Cleveland. /rimshot

whiteoutAZ.jpgA hastily assembled liveglog for a hastily reassembled schedule for this series. See you after the jump.

Sunday Afternoon Liveblog Club: Angels at Red Sox, Game 3.

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Oh, hi there. Welcome to what could be the end of the line for my beloved Red Sox. If they get swept right out today, they deserve it. They've scored a measly one run in the series so far and Saints Lester and Beckett didn't turn in the incredible starts the team needed. If they do come back and take the series it'll be quite the dickpunch to Angel fans everywhere, and it'll all start here. In either case, we gotta get through today. So let's do it together, after the jump, in about 15 minutes. Also, I'll rant about Cardinal fans and clue you in to the ridiculous new cocktail I invented for today. See you then.
coldarch.jpgAs warned by blog co-proprietor Rob Iracane, Tuffy has refused to leave the guest house at WoW and is now running a rogue liveglog of tonight's sole baseball contest. Enjoy. Or not. Y'know, we're not the boss of you.

Tonight's outcome could continue the ongoing dread for TBS executives (and who amongst you isn't concerned with the well-being of TBS executives who foist Chip Caray on us?). The Dodgers could be done with their first-round work tonight if Vicente Padilla continues his adequacy since arriving in the Training Wheels League, leaving Drama's Sister without their second-biggest draw for another week.

The Cardinals will attempt to cut down on House of Payne reruns by jamming Joel Piñeiro on the rubber and hoping he sticks from effectiveness or cold (50 degrees at game time). Joel Piñeiro has an ERA over 5 since September 1. So that's a plan.

Onward: Belliard's in for Orlando Hudson, Tuffy's in for the duration, and hopefully you'll be able to join WoW for Dodgers v. Cardinals tonight. Get fisted after the jump.

Join J from 3:10 to Joba as he liveglogs the Twins and Yankees in game two of their ALDS contest. Please be gentle, it's his first WoW liveglog. No matter what, we've got A.J. Burnett! Jose Molina! Joe Mauer! Nick "GASM" Blackburn! It's Oktoberfest in the Bronx:

500x_adenhart.jpgMaking your way to the playoffs today takes everything you've got
Taking a spot in the final eight teams sure would help a lot

Wouldn't you like to beat LA?
Or a place 30 miles away?

Where your team inflicts the pain
And the monkey's quite insane
You wanna be where you can see
The Red Sox win all the games
You wanna be where everybody knows
Gary Matthews' shame.

(The establishment thanks you in advance for being kind enough to drink at home tonight. Liveglog after the jump.)

In addition to starters Cole Hamels and Aaron Cook, the teams will employ the same lineups today, with one exception. Manager Jim Tracy rubbed Brad Hawpe right out and replaced him with the more adept fielder Ryan Spilborghs. Hopefully, that's one fewer miasmic defensive woe the Rockies have to worry about today. Onto the glog:

A while back Wezen-Ball posted a 1950 article that complained about the new breed of baseball player that didn't care about the team and only played for the money. "One of his greater ambitions in baseball is to endorse a cigarette," Bob Considine wrote in Baseball Digest, "though he might not smoke a pack during an entire season." In other words, the problem was not with endorsing cigarettes, but endorsing cigarettes without even being a smoker.

I think there's some truth to it, though. Endorsements mean a lot more when it's something the celebrity really loves. (In other words: Tony Stewart is right.) Check out the above ad with Ryan Howard and Jared Fogel for Subway. Ryan Howard lost a lot of weight this year, so clearly he's been eating Subway sandwiches instead of Whoppers.

How long will we be seeing Ryan Howard shill sandwiches this postseason? We'll find out a little bit today when the Phillies play the Rockies to open MLB's postseason. Join me at game-time after the jump for liveglog coverage.

They say this is not a playoff game, it is merely the 163rd game of the regular season that serves to break a tie between two division leaders. I say p'shaw, this is too a playoff game, since the loser will get played off by Keyboard Cat. Join us below for the liveglog, friend.