Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: April 2010 Archives

wow.liveglog.arod.jpg Today, Alex Rodriguez gets his World Series championship ring.

A-Rod has been one of the best players in the game for a while now. But after signing that $252 million deal with Texas in 2001, he became a hated man. Mainly because of the money? Definitely.

Of course, there's a lot to dislike about A-Rod. Steroids (or at least being dumb enough to get caught), I guess, and he's a Yankee. But he's been pretty reviled for a three-time MVP and a guy who apparently wears Lucky Brand instead of Ed Hardy (see photo). And as recently as a year ago people were saying the Yankees needed a guy more like Scott Brosius than Rodriguez. Stupid people, of course, but people nonetheless.

So: Today, A-Rod gets his World Series ring, something a lot of people said he'd never get, and maybe he can throw a pie in the face of all the Yankee fans who've hated him since he joined the team. It would be nice to say.

That being said, this day is going to suck. I hate the Yankees, I'm in a bad mood and I am short on sleep. Come hate with me on a special CoverItLive live game chat (sorry, Kris!) after the jump.