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2010 World Series Liveglog Club: Game 1

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When I say, "World Series!" you say, "Liveglog Club Blazers!"

Now, World Series!


You're all so self conscious. Ozzie Guillen just said he's gonna separate his heart from his brains. I was unaware they'd ever been connected on him, but I get what he's saying. Pick a side! Root with your whole throat! It's the Fall Classic, it's a starting pitching matchup for the ages, and I bought some Cranberry Lemonade Four Loko! Come get crunk after the jump. SEEEEEEERRRIIIIEEEESSSSS!

greatsantinifamily1.jpegWelcome to Walkoff Walk coverage of Game Six of the American League Championship Series, in which the Texas Rangers take on the role of a stern father demanding his young child get back inside this instant. The New York Yankees will depict said child, begging for one more game.

Yes, this makes Cliff Lee the belt, plainly in view and in position to be unleashed on the unruly.

Join us in the liveglog hereabouts to witness Colby Lewis using his big boy voice to chase down the Yankees like Dad told him to and Phil Hughes putting on his best petulant face. Also, Josh Hamilton will probably make out with your girlfriend. It's what he does.

Wednessday Afternoon Liveglog Club: ALCS Game Five

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The champagne is on ice for all y'all. Except the oft mentioned Yankee fan jamooks. And Josh Hamilton. And the rest of the Rangers I guess since they're all empathetic and stuff. Anyway you get the point. The Rangers can clinch. And I have internet finally after moving to New York City! Let's glog, friends.