What's Up, Creampuff?: June 2010 Archives


The Rays and Red Sox square off at Fenway tonight, and try to create a little breathing room at the top of the claustrophobic AL East. They won't be able to change all that muc as this is one of those interleague bookending nub series, but still. A minisweep for one team would have them feeling pretty good I imagine. As always, injuries are playing a key role in the division and there are quite a few of them between the top three teams. Let's have a look.

New York Yankees

  • Brett Gardner: He has a little bruise on his wrist and is day to day.

  • Mariano Rivera: Stuffed himself at dinner last night. Shouldn't have had that second helping of lima beans. Good to go for next game.

Tampa Bay Rays

Boston Red Sox

  • Josh Beckett: Out since May 19, the Sox nominal ace has made just 8 starts, half of them injury plagued stinkers. He's on track to begin rehab assignments in the next couple weeks and could possibly be ready to come back to the majors by July 31.

  • Dustin Pedroia: The team's hottest hitter over the past 3 weeks broke his foot on a foul ball in SF. He won't need surgery (laser or otherwise) but will still miss 6 weeks.

  • Jacoby Ellsbury: The opening day LF has missed almost the entire season with a rib injury and is acting all weird about it. He hasnt been with the team since June 9 and is staying in Arizona for the forseeable future. Either he hates immigrants or he's got something very contagious. Stay tuned.

  • Mike Cameron: Cameron is also suffering from an abdominal injury that will be with him all season. While he is currently playing he can do so in no more than 3 consecutive games at a time. That's called the Rocco Baldelli Memorial Creampuff Glass Ceiling, folks!

  • Clay Buchholz: Strained his hamstring in SF running to second base. Could miss next start, but may just get extra rest.

  • Jeremy Hermida: Also hurt his ribs. Finally swining a bat after missing more than month. Looking to start rehab assignments next week.

  • Victor Martinez: Caught a foul tip off the thumb in, sigh, SF and fractured it. He doesn't need surgery but is still headed to the deel.

What was it Drew said on a podcast about keeping players healthy being the new moneyball? Can the Red Sox please please please lead that charge? Please?