Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch: July 2009 Archives

linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Our buddy Sooze takes a deep breath and calls out some ham-and-egger 'journalist' for suggesting that perhaps Erin Andrews orchestrated the distribution of those naughty videos. The job of the sideline reporter is a thankless one but Erin handles it with grace. Babes Love Baseball.

  • Bradford Doolittle estimates and breaks down the Kansas City Royals record based on the facial hair that manager Trey Hillman is wearing. I realize covering the Royals sucks, but do we really need to know that the team performs its worst when Trey's sporting the flavor saver? Upon Further Reveiw.

  • Wezen-ball.com has been spending the past week running down some historical hot stove trades from the all-too-recent past. Check out the tale of the Randy Johnson trade from 1998 and then click around to read the rest of them. It's refreshing! wezen-ball.

  • 'Duk did a listicle countdown that is sure to pique your interest and jog your memory. It's the top ten defensive plays of the aughts, and he chose very wisely with his number one play. Big League Stew.

  • This one's for Catshirt. Patrick Sullivan argues that Dewey Evans is far more deserving of his Cooperstown plaque than Jim Rice. Baseball Analysts.

  • Carey Jones gives up corn, corn-based products, and corn-fed animals for a week. At least she (he?) had nothing to pick out of her (his?) stool. Serious Eats.
linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Erik Manning puts together the Quad-A All Star team, made up of elderly non-prospects who are excelling on the Triple-A level. Finally, Shelley Duncan gets his due. His meaningless, completely anonymous due. Fangraphs.

  • Patrick Sullivan chooses the best players at the midpoint of the season. But he puts a a twist on the affair and goes all the way back to July of 2008 to pick out the best players over the past calendar year. Hit the bricks, Marco Scutaro. Baseball Analysts.

  • J evaluates ESPN Sunday Night Baseball's broadcast trio of doom and shits his pants when Joe Morgan starts chit-chatting about BABIP without having a darn clue as to what that thing is. 3:10 to Joba.

  • It's official. Rany Jazayerli and his happy traveling party of B.P. folks were blacklisted by the Royals for calling out their horrible training staff. I've been banned by better places than Kauffman Stadium, screw 'em. Rany on the Royals.

  • Curtis Granderson took reader questions over at his column at Big League Stew. We learned that he likes Angelina Jolie's fat lips and he cannot lie. The Grandstand.

  • Karim Garcia, who once pissed in the bushes outside a bar in Florida during spring training, is alive and well and living in Korea. Diamond Notes.